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Friends of Community Fitness Walking Routes

Friends of Community Fitness Walking Routes

Walking is a gentle, low-impact exercise that can increase your level of fitness and health. Walking is a safe and simple exercise that doesn’t require any practice. Participating in a regular walking routine can lower your blood pressure, improve your
mood, and can help you stay strong and fit. Below is a list of walking trails that surround Friends of Community Fitness. Each trail varies in distance, time and steps so that you can choose the trail that works best for you and your time crunch. Each trail starts and ends at the Friends of Community Fitness main parking lot. On the back of this sheet there is a detailed map that outlines each route in color. Enjoy walking your way towards a healthier you!

Why Should You Walk?
-Walking helps keep your bones,
muscles, and joints healthy
-Boosts your mood
-Helps you handle stress
-Helps you feel more energetic
-Helps you sleep better
-Improves your self esteem
-Gives you an opportunity to socialize
actively with friends and family
-Helps build a healthier you!

 Walking Routes Yellow Trail
Steps: 1646
Miles: 0.75
Calories Burned: 45
Time of Route: 16 minutes
Blue Trail
Steps: 1909
Miles: 0.87
Calories Burned: 53
Time of Route: 18 minutes
Red Trail
Steps: 2709
Miles: 1.23
Calories Burned: 75
Time of Route: 25 minutes
Green Trail
Steps: 3698
Miles: 1.69
Calories Burned: 102
Time of Route: 34 minutes
Gray Trail
Steps: 4490
Miles: 2.04
Calories Burned: 122
Time of Route: 40 minutes

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