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Fit Happens

Fit Happens
Hosted by Community Fitness, Guilford, ME
Contact: Gayle Worden 876-4813

Fit Happens will begin on Thursday, May 16th. The last Fit Happens 12 week program was so successful we’re holding it again but in an 8 week format.  Winner of the most weight lost was Carla Allen who lost 29 lbs. and won $552.50!! Winner of the most % of her body weight lost was Kathy Pulkkinen who lost 11% of her total body weight and won $552.50!!. Weekly weight loss winners get ½ of the $2.00 fee from all participants each week. The other ½ goes into the pot for the big winners at the end. We lost a total of 424.75 lbs.!!!!! For complete details on the new 8 week program go to our website or download the flyer

Package includes:

Baseline fitness test including measurements and weight.
A fitness and progress reporting notebook.
Weekly weight loss prizes.
Prizes for reaching monthly goals.
At the end of 12 weeks, your final progress measurements and weight.

Cash Grand Prizes for most weight lost, and the most % of weight loss, as well as 2nd place prizes.

Each Monday you can weigh in anytime during office hours. A weekly weigh-in fee of $2.00 will be charged. $1.00 will go to the winner that week, and the other $1.00 will go toward the grand prizes at the end of 12 weeks.

Other prizes will include:
free memberships
personal training
gift baskets,
gift certificates from our local businesses.

Cost:   $15.00 for Members, $45.00 for non-members + $2.00 per week. All payment collected will be used for this program and will be used for weekly prizes and end of program prizes.  For more information please contact Gayle Worden 876-4813.  

Example:   40 Participants (based on all members)
  Weekly Prize: $40.00 to one (1) participant each of the 12 weeks.
  Grand Prize: Most Wt.  $340.00       Most %   $340.00
  2nd Prize:      Most Wt. $200.00       Most %  $200.00

Download The Fit Happens Flyer