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Friends of
Community Fitness

 P.O. Box 92, 15 School St.   

Sangerville, ME  04479




Appreciating that investments made at this time will enhance the quality of life for our residents for years into the future, we respectfully ask your consideration of making an investment in Friends of Community Fitness.


Sustainability: At our present home in Sangerville we have reached 1000’s of local residents by offering fitness, social, and educational programs for people from ages 3 to 95, of all walks of life, and financial means. Incorporating as a non-profit fitness and community center in 2003 with the assistance of local businesses and individuals, we have a proven record of sustainability. We reached out in 2003 to ask for financial assistance, seed money, to begin our journey, and now, for only the 2nd time in our history, we reach out again. This time we ask for assistance to move to a more spacious setting at the Guilford Primary Building in Guilford.


Expansion: With the move to Guilford we will be able to expand our programming. Our goals are to develop after school programs for SAD #4 children. With a gymnasium at our disposal we’ll be able to offer basketball, volleyball and various other sports for the public. There is also a stage where local performances may be held. The possibilities are various and exciting! But the move comes with a few initial expenses to get these programs up and going and that is where we’ll need your assistance.


Security: Community Fitness is fairly unique in that we are a non-profit that raises money before it is spent, incurring no debt in our 7 years of existence; therefore, you can be assured that your donations will not go to pay on an accumulated debt but will be used in the manner in which you choose.


Gifting Categories: We have put together 5 separate “gifting categories”, and several levels of suggested donations. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated, large or small. Please see the enclosed sheet outlining the various ways you might help us reach our goals.


 We are a 501c3 non profit and as such, any donation you make may be tax deductible.


Thank you for your consideration,



Gayle Worden

Executive Director


President, Wendy McKenney

Vice President, Allen Drew

Secretary, Michelle Nichols

Treasurer, Kimberly Moore


Directors: Kyle McKenney, Sheryl Russell, Ed Palin, Roberta Thomas, Joel Burdin